March 5th, 2006


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ok hello this is gonnna be quick and short
im sorrry!!!
i havnt replied to emails this week and probably wont for another week or so!! please tell krystal and jess this too (hooray yes racheal and jess sent me an email the world is good again). just i am so incredibly slack and keep going out when i should be staying at home working OR trying to work but stressing out and giving up that that i now have
- 3 chemistry write-ups and 3 seperate worksheets which sadly, i do not understand. who cares about enthalpy change anyway
- a bio test (gaahh membranes attack!)
- an english poem commentary and oral presentation. i figured that we are studying different books to u as i havnt heard of any of the ones u mention. but if u get hamlet, miguel st or some classic i forgot what its called "the sound of the wind" or something about wind...i just got it a couple of days ago so i forget
- a spanish oral
- maths maths maths exercises and worksheets
- and a massive business project thats worth 20% of our overall mark
i havnt practised violin in 3 days (haha nerd) and my fingers are spasming. i did get my cartelidge pierced (with a bar not a ring) and i may sound sadistic but it was a nice pain, so dont be afraid if u r considering it!

so goodbye now though. HOORAY NICKELBACK! i hate you but are so incredibly proud that you managed to get tickets after what happened lol
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    ha, well dido is the inly thing i can handle. lol sorry!