February 24th, 2006


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Ski break!
fun times, i will start from the beginning and see what i remember =)
oh shit, so in london there are actually 5 different airports, and on my ticket confirmation it says on bold at the top Heathrow, terminal 2. so on saturday i go to heathrow terminal 2 to check in. then i am told that i am at the wrong airport and i should be at another one which is an hour in the other direction. the check-in counter closes in 50 minutes.
so i run outside jump in the taxi and sit there so nervous i am nearly crying, cos i cant call my parents or they will shoot me (lol) and i am sure that i am gonna miss my flight and will not go skiing. so the taxi trip took an hour and cost me 70pounds (150 dollars!!) and when i got there the check-in counter had closed. so i cried and they let me in.

that was enough to put me on a heart-monitor thing for the next 3 years.

but then switerland is amazing! its so prety and the snow is not like anything i have seen before. lol i was such a child for the first few days. i stayed with kevins family in their apartment and sasha and her mum were in the place next to us, we wake up and ski from 9-4ish (but sometimes we get slack and go back early to the sauna lol). fortunately i am as good as them and we race down the mountain (cos its not crowded like australia either!). at lunchtime we go and have rosti, this swiss food that is cooked grated potatoes with cheese or tomatoe or something on top. and then when we get cold we drink skivasser or orangen punch, which is just like hot, sweet cordial =)
lol one day after lunch they were playing music outside this bar and sasha and kevin just start crazy dancing. so then i join in too and the song changes to the macarena, and sashas mum got out the camera and filmed us dancing around in our ski gear. we must have looked like whackoes.

on the last night we went out and had cheese fondu, another swiss thing but i think you know it, like melted cheese and wine that you put bread in. Afterwards we went into town to this aussie/mexican bar (what a weird combination) with alex, this guy from our school who also happens to be on the mountain (lol this thing is normal now, on both our plane trips sasha and i met people from our school on the same flight). and after that we went clubbing which was alot of fun. sasha didnt have id so we all congratulate her on some damn good bullshit she made up :D we got back at 4am (!!) so had 3 hours sleep. sasha had an early flight and had to catch the train at 5 so she didnt even sleep :p

on the way back i stopped at zurich and saw Kevins house which hes gonna move back into. its so cool and big and looks over this big lake (lake zurich?). its sad though, i will miss him.

and now back to school. i hate school. lol i seriously do, i think im gonna drop out and work as a ski instructor or something :D
**just got my first semester grades: 6 bio, business (!?). 5 maths. 4 spanish, TOK, english, chemistry.
better than i expected. lol. but my parents are like "we need to talk"
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