February 1st, 2006


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oops i should have waited one more day to update because...
i went to fall out boy concert!!!
so friggin aweesome, like 100% emo though so we all did our best to look the part (i think dusan is the only one who managed, actually marina too). we arrived early and had to stand in the line for ages but that was good cos it ended up like 5 blocks long. actualy i dont know if u heard of them- here is the chorus of their most popular song

were going down, down on an earlier round
and sugar were going down swinging
ill be your number one with a bullet
a loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

dont know it then forget it. lol. anyway they have this awesome greenie band shirt which i bought (duh) and cos the other ones all had slit wrists and butterflies (so emo!). so it was great, we went in the mosh pit for a bit and nearly got killed. actually the only scary thing was that all the other people there were high/drunk and i saw a few of them bleeding on their face. eew. but it was lots of fun, i then went home and tried to do hw for the next day lol.
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