January 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

im off to the hague for MUN. all resolutions which i spent the whole week on (i will explain what they are when i get back, but they are my babies so whoever messes with them will die!) are now printing 20 copies. im so excited :) so sorry i meant to write a proper entry before i left, and answer emails to those without replys but now u will just have to wait till i get back.
but before i forget, we are moving house (omg my new house is sooo cool!) and spent all of yesterday making trips carriying our stuff in our tiny car and then assembling all this ikea furniture. kevin came and helped too and between us we set up 3 chairs, a table, a bed, a bedside cabinet, a desk and a shoe cabinet. so hooray we are the coolest. and then last night we did some kind of double date thing with sasha and keith which was funny.
and next week when i get back its australia day! and this pub nearby is having and aussie night so guess where i will be :)
ok im off now but holy crap i have to sit with dusan all week, and when he sits his legs always bounce up and down (we believe it is sexual frustration lol) but if he doesnt stop im gonna have to smack him. i seriously cant handle it.
so byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

from the honerable delegate of poland :D (haha how gay does that sound)