January 15th, 2006


new year

so i survived my first week of school. or whatever.

today i had to buy model un business clothes, gay. but sasha and marina came so it was fun. then we were bored so i remembered back to my trip in aus. and i said we should go try on formal dresses. as you do. but at selfridges, the most goddam expensive place in the universe. so we did, and they were all attatched to the rails with a key so they werent stolen cos they cost like 2000 pounds. so we pretended to be bridesmaids looking for dresses or something, i dunno, marina made up the story. and it was fun but was not so good for my ego, as i am the podge of the group lol. anyway screw formal dresses. i realised you have to wear heels and dance and look good at the same time. well hahaha

wow that entry is pretty damn disjointed. ah well like i care.


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