January 8th, 2006


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hello :)
well im back in london and yeah it sucks, dont worry though, im sure its only a temporary feeling lol. i wore all my summer clothes in defiance for the plane trip and was wishing i had a jumper as i swear i could feel the ice blast me as soon as we landed- i went from 28 to 4 degrees! gah!
and it was so much harder leaving aus the second time than the first, as the plane took off i was crying and i closed my eyes and hoped it would land again. so then i hated the plane all the way to dubai. and then i liked the next plane till it landed in london. hahaha. oh sorry im so jetlagged i have no idea what the hell im saying. anyway i mustnet sleep cos its only 3pm

so yeah i posted the pics on photobucket and here is the address for all the slack ones of you who forgot it. (cos i know lisa and maybe racheal are the only ones who remember :P) http://photobucket.com/albums/y190/skeleisa
save the ones you like cos they might get deleted later when it fills up. sorry the night ones turned out shit, my camera sucks.

miss you already!
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