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MUN rocked!
i know the last entry didnt make much sense so i will explain it all to you. MUN= model united nations. so each school brings around 15 kids to represent a country or organisation that is involved (eg the world bank, greenpeace. we were poland) and debate issues all week. Then there are different commissions, me and dusan were on the environment commission. And finally each commikssion will debate different topics throughout the week, so before we leave, we have to write 'resolutions' which are files with information on the topic and what our country plans to do about them. Then the main purpose of the week is to merge your resolution with other countries and then convince everyone else that your resolution should be passed (passed resolutions apparently get sent to Kofi anan at the real UN)

So it was cool, i merged my resolution with about 10 other countries but sadly it failed in the end because the people who presented it couldnt speak english lol. i got to hang out with greenies all week. And dusan turned out to be hilarious too, i was with him for 3 of the 5 days and whenever it got boring we would do something incredibly stupid or funny. We also got our photo taken with this hot emo admin guy (sorry kevin) and we had our hands spelling out e-m-o (i will put the pic up later).
The most funny stupid thing was when i was bored and decided to draw a beautiful tree on some paper. i then gave it to him as a present. Dusan looked at the tree, then up at me, then put it in his mouth and ate it. i could have cried. no, the funniest part was when he tried to swallow it and choked and then piffed it at some random in front of us.
We went out every night too with our friends which was also fun. Im gonna miss mun. i made friedns and for one week i didnt have to worry about anything :)

anyway now we havce moved house so i have soo much to do. happy australia day! a thought for you: do u think i should get an eyebrow pierceing? (a bar, not a ring, i have a side part too so it can be hidden if necessary)

oh and i nearly forgot: ENJOY UR FIRST WEEK OF IB!!!! (and VCE, krystal u are the only sane one!)

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