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sorry sorry i am so far behind with emails i know. im in spain and paris for two weeks then aftre that im at home for a week with my cousin so i PROMISE you will hear from me then!

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ok hello this is gonnna be quick and short
im sorrry!!!
i havnt replied to emails this week and probably wont for another week or so!! please tell krystal and jess this too (hooray yes racheal and jess sent me an email the world is good again). just i am so incredibly slack and keep going out when i should be staying at home working OR trying to work but stressing out and giving up that that i now have
- 3 chemistry write-ups and 3 seperate worksheets which sadly, i do not understand. who cares about enthalpy change anyway
- a bio test (gaahh membranes attack!)
- an english poem commentary and oral presentation. i figured that we are studying different books to u as i havnt heard of any of the ones u mention. but if u get hamlet, miguel st or some classic i forgot what its called "the sound of the wind" or something about wind...i just got it a couple of days ago so i forget
- a spanish oral
- maths maths maths exercises and worksheets
- and a massive business project thats worth 20% of our overall mark
i havnt practised violin in 3 days (haha nerd) and my fingers are spasming. i did get my cartelidge pierced (with a bar not a ring) and i may sound sadistic but it was a nice pain, so dont be afraid if u r considering it!

so goodbye now though. HOORAY NICKELBACK! i hate you but are so incredibly proud that you managed to get tickets after what happened lol
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Ski break!
fun times, i will start from the beginning and see what i remember =)
oh shit, so in london there are actually 5 different airports, and on my ticket confirmation it says on bold at the top Heathrow, terminal 2. so on saturday i go to heathrow terminal 2 to check in. then i am told that i am at the wrong airport and i should be at another one which is an hour in the other direction. the check-in counter closes in 50 minutes.
so i run outside jump in the taxi and sit there so nervous i am nearly crying, cos i cant call my parents or they will shoot me (lol) and i am sure that i am gonna miss my flight and will not go skiing. so the taxi trip took an hour and cost me 70pounds (150 dollars!!) and when i got there the check-in counter had closed. so i cried and they let me in.

that was enough to put me on a heart-monitor thing for the next 3 years.

but then switerland is amazing! its so prety and the snow is not like anything i have seen before. lol i was such a child for the first few days. i stayed with kevins family in their apartment and sasha and her mum were in the place next to us, we wake up and ski from 9-4ish (but sometimes we get slack and go back early to the sauna lol). fortunately i am as good as them and we race down the mountain (cos its not crowded like australia either!). at lunchtime we go and have rosti, this swiss food that is cooked grated potatoes with cheese or tomatoe or something on top. and then when we get cold we drink skivasser or orangen punch, which is just like hot, sweet cordial =)
lol one day after lunch they were playing music outside this bar and sasha and kevin just start crazy dancing. so then i join in too and the song changes to the macarena, and sashas mum got out the camera and filmed us dancing around in our ski gear. we must have looked like whackoes.

on the last night we went out and had cheese fondu, another swiss thing but i think you know it, like melted cheese and wine that you put bread in. Afterwards we went into town to this aussie/mexican bar (what a weird combination) with alex, this guy from our school who also happens to be on the mountain (lol this thing is normal now, on both our plane trips sasha and i met people from our school on the same flight). and after that we went clubbing which was alot of fun. sasha didnt have id so we all congratulate her on some damn good bullshit she made up :D we got back at 4am (!!) so had 3 hours sleep. sasha had an early flight and had to catch the train at 5 so she didnt even sleep :p

on the way back i stopped at zurich and saw Kevins house which hes gonna move back into. its so cool and big and looks over this big lake (lake zurich?). its sad though, i will miss him.

and now back to school. i hate school. lol i seriously do, i think im gonna drop out and work as a ski instructor or something :D
**just got my first semester grades: 6 bio, business (!?). 5 maths. 4 spanish, TOK, english, chemistry.
better than i expected. lol. but my parents are like "we need to talk"
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oops i should have waited one more day to update because...
i went to fall out boy concert!!!
so friggin aweesome, like 100% emo though so we all did our best to look the part (i think dusan is the only one who managed, actually marina too). we arrived early and had to stand in the line for ages but that was good cos it ended up like 5 blocks long. actualy i dont know if u heard of them- here is the chorus of their most popular song

were going down, down on an earlier round
and sugar were going down swinging
ill be your number one with a bullet
a loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

dont know it then forget it. lol. anyway they have this awesome greenie band shirt which i bought (duh) and cos the other ones all had slit wrists and butterflies (so emo!). so it was great, we went in the mosh pit for a bit and nearly got killed. actually the only scary thing was that all the other people there were high/drunk and i saw a few of them bleeding on their face. eew. but it was lots of fun, i then went home and tried to do hw for the next day lol.
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MUN rocked!
i know the last entry didnt make much sense so i will explain it all to you. MUN= model united nations. so each school brings around 15 kids to represent a country or organisation that is involved (eg the world bank, greenpeace. we were poland) and debate issues all week. Then there are different commissions, me and dusan were on the environment commission. And finally each commikssion will debate different topics throughout the week, so before we leave, we have to write 'resolutions' which are files with information on the topic and what our country plans to do about them. Then the main purpose of the week is to merge your resolution with other countries and then convince everyone else that your resolution should be passed (passed resolutions apparently get sent to Kofi anan at the real UN)

So it was cool, i merged my resolution with about 10 other countries but sadly it failed in the end because the people who presented it couldnt speak english lol. i got to hang out with greenies all week. And dusan turned out to be hilarious too, i was with him for 3 of the 5 days and whenever it got boring we would do something incredibly stupid or funny. We also got our photo taken with this hot emo admin guy (sorry kevin) and we had our hands spelling out e-m-o (i will put the pic up later).
The most funny stupid thing was when i was bored and decided to draw a beautiful tree on some paper. i then gave it to him as a present. Dusan looked at the tree, then up at me, then put it in his mouth and ate it. i could have cried. no, the funniest part was when he tried to swallow it and choked and then piffed it at some random in front of us.
We went out every night too with our friends which was also fun. Im gonna miss mun. i made friedns and for one week i didnt have to worry about anything :)

anyway now we havce moved house so i have soo much to do. happy australia day! a thought for you: do u think i should get an eyebrow pierceing? (a bar, not a ring, i have a side part too so it can be hidden if necessary)

oh and i nearly forgot: ENJOY UR FIRST WEEK OF IB!!!! (and VCE, krystal u are the only sane one!)
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im off to the hague for MUN. all resolutions which i spent the whole week on (i will explain what they are when i get back, but they are my babies so whoever messes with them will die!) are now printing 20 copies. im so excited :) so sorry i meant to write a proper entry before i left, and answer emails to those without replys but now u will just have to wait till i get back.
but before i forget, we are moving house (omg my new house is sooo cool!) and spent all of yesterday making trips carriying our stuff in our tiny car and then assembling all this ikea furniture. kevin came and helped too and between us we set up 3 chairs, a table, a bed, a bedside cabinet, a desk and a shoe cabinet. so hooray we are the coolest. and then last night we did some kind of double date thing with sasha and keith which was funny.
and next week when i get back its australia day! and this pub nearby is having and aussie night so guess where i will be :)
ok im off now but holy crap i have to sit with dusan all week, and when he sits his legs always bounce up and down (we believe it is sexual frustration lol) but if he doesnt stop im gonna have to smack him. i seriously cant handle it.
so byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

from the honerable delegate of poland :D (haha how gay does that sound)

new year

so i survived my first week of school. or whatever.

today i had to buy model un business clothes, gay. but sasha and marina came so it was fun. then we were bored so i remembered back to my trip in aus. and i said we should go try on formal dresses. as you do. but at selfridges, the most goddam expensive place in the universe. so we did, and they were all attatched to the rails with a key so they werent stolen cos they cost like 2000 pounds. so we pretended to be bridesmaids looking for dresses or something, i dunno, marina made up the story. and it was fun but was not so good for my ego, as i am the podge of the group lol. anyway screw formal dresses. i realised you have to wear heels and dance and look good at the same time. well hahaha

wow that entry is pretty damn disjointed. ah well like i care.


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hello :)
well im back in london and yeah it sucks, dont worry though, im sure its only a temporary feeling lol. i wore all my summer clothes in defiance for the plane trip and was wishing i had a jumper as i swear i could feel the ice blast me as soon as we landed- i went from 28 to 4 degrees! gah!
and it was so much harder leaving aus the second time than the first, as the plane took off i was crying and i closed my eyes and hoped it would land again. so then i hated the plane all the way to dubai. and then i liked the next plane till it landed in london. hahaha. oh sorry im so jetlagged i have no idea what the hell im saying. anyway i mustnet sleep cos its only 3pm

so yeah i posted the pics on photobucket and here is the address for all the slack ones of you who forgot it. (cos i know lisa and maybe racheal are the only ones who remember :P)
save the ones you like cos they might get deleted later when it fills up. sorry the night ones turned out shit, my camera sucks.

miss you already!
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